Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Update week of March 12-16


Thank you all for contributing to such a educational, dynamic and fun Immigration Day! We can not accomplish this great event without all our wonderful parent volunteers, and your help in preparing the children for the day. The costumes were outstanding. The children knew their backgrounds, pledge and song. The food was delicious! And it was great to see so many of you.  I know each one of you had an important role in contributing to the success of the day. Thank you once again!

This week we will get back to a normal schedule of spelling words and math facts. The children will need to memorize  7's. We will have a quiz on Wednesday, March 21st. Our next spelling test will be on Friday, March 23rd. The children will receive new lists Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Our next major unit will be force and motion in science. We do lots of experiments with cars, ramps and bouncy balls to explore concepts such as gravity, friction and energy. The students design their own experiments by the end of this fun and thoughtful hands on unit.

In addition, Ww are so fortunate that the third grade will once again be working with Artists-In-Residences from the New Hampshire Theatre Project starting the week of March 19th.

By its very nature, theatre promotes teamwork and cooperation. A theatre ensemble is a group of actors who work together to present a dramatic idea in which no individual part is greater than the whole. Members of an ensemble must be able to communicate with, trust, and respect each other. They also must be comfortable observing each other's work and offering constructive criticism. Ensemble theatre games offer fun opportunities to learn conflict resolution and interpersonal skills.

The New Hampshire Theatre Project will spend appoximately two weeks with the third grade classes individually on theatre and movement activities. Each class will develop a story theatre piece based on a folk tale. Our play is The Potmaker and the Drip, a tale from India.ta Our performance for you will take place on March 29th at 9:35-10:05 in 3M. Mark your calendars! We love lots of audience members.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Additional Information for the week of March 5- March 9


Here is the rest of the week: 

Students will receive two worksheets this week. One is about the background information for their identity on Immigration Day. For most students, this person will be the ancestor they researched for their books. However, it can be another ancestor. We will use this information to complete a passport.  The other paper is about the belongings they will bring on the trip to America. Both assignments are due on Wednesday, March 7th.

We will not have a spelling or multiplication quiz this week. 

Immigration Update


It's going to be an exciting week as we get ready for our Immigration Day on Friday!! Just a few more reminders about the big day. 

Thank you all who volunteered to assist in our Citizenship Station. We would love to have more of you join us!  Please arrive at 9:00 in the cafe where Kristen Mulcahy will give you last minute instructions. (I will be in the room on board the USS Morrison). We will arrive as a class around 9:30.Please wear a suit type attire if possible. For example, I am wearing black pants and a blazer with a white shirt and tie.

The children will come to school on Friday dressed as immigrants. When thinking about girls' costumes, think scarves, long dresses or skirts, long sleeves, perhaps a shawl or apron.

For the boys, knee pants were popular (you can roll up pants or sweat pants), along with knee socks. Boys almost always wore a cap of some kind. Again, long sleeves. Boys also often wore jackets or vest (or both). Suspenders would also work.

After our simulation in the cafeteria, we will return to the room for our Ethnic Food Celebration (10:30-10:45).  I would like each child to bring in one item that represents any country of ancestry. The food item could be made at home or purchased at a store. Please label each item with the name of the food, the student who brought it in and what country the item represents. There are 21 students in the class and parents and guests are invited. We will be so happy and excited about whatever you bring in.

It will be helpful if the students NOT bring in the food for the celebration with them in the morning. If possible you could drop it off at the office or, for those who are able to come, bring it with you when you come for the celebration.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Immigration Update

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who made our doll making experience and Sweetheart Breakfast so successful! 

On Friday, March 9th students will come to school dressed as immigrants arriving in America. We will simulate a boat ride (students only-in classroom), arrival at New York Harbor and a trip through various stations at Ellis Island (SMS cafeteria). Costumes can be a shawl, cap, or other simple props. 

We are still in need of lots of parent volunteers for our Citizenship station. It's easy and fun. You will arrive to school around 9, question the "new immigrants" arriving in the country and have plenty of time to be able to join us for the Ethnic Food Celebration. The more, the merrier! Please e-mail me if you are interested. Thank you! 

The Ethnic Food Celebration will the morning of March 9th from 10:45-11:30. We ask that each child bring one food item that represents any country of his/her ancestry. It is great to receive a variety of items: main dishes, side dishes or appetizers, and desserts. If possible, please drop off the food item at the front office that morning marked with your child's name, class and food name, or bring the item with you when you are coming to the celebration at 10:45 a.m. If neither of these options works for you, we will take the food when your child arrives at the boat.

Please remember when preparing your food dish, that we have peanut/tree nut allergies in class, so we would prefer that items do not contain peanut/tree nut ingredients. If you do have an item that contains peanut/tree nut ingredients, please let us know immediately, so we can help keep everyone safe on this fun celebration day. We will do our best to ensure student safety, but cannot guarantee that any homemade dishes are free from peanut/tree nut allergens. Also, the school will be providing serving utensils to try to avoid cross contamination. Please contact Nurse Lilly for any questions you might have on food items. Any items can be store bought or homemade.

Parents and family members are invited to attend the food celebration. 

This week will be a review of times tables 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10. There will be a spelling test on Wednesday! 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Update and Immigration Dolls and Artifacts


Thank you to those who volunteered to help us paint! The two afternoon were so successful thanks to you, with the children engaged and being creative with their art work. We will now be putting our collages together, then writing the story of our ancestor. I can't wait to see the final products!

We will be having a quiz on the 6's this week and the 9's next Friday, February 16.

Children will receive their new spelling words on Monday and Tuesday next week with a test on Wednesday, February 21st.

Our Immigration unit is well underway. Next Tuesday, February 13th, we will be making immigration dolls IN CLASS! The children read the historical fiction book, Molly's Pilgrim. In the story, Molly makes a doll to bring to her class that represents one of her ancestors. We would love our amazing parent volunteers to help out making ancestor dolls on Tuesday, February 13th, in the afternoon from 12:30-2:30. Kristen Mulcahy will organize this event for us. I have all the materials, except for traditional wooden spoons. Could you please send in a wooden spoon with your child before Tuesday? As always, I appreciate all your support.

Also, I am reading the story Miss Bridie Chose a Shovel  to the children. In the story Miss Bridie brings a shovel with her to America as an artifact. We discuss what an artifact is with the students. I share with them a wooden recipe box that my aunts passed down to me with family recipes in it. It would be great if the children could share any family "artifacts" with us. If you are not comfortable sending an artifact into school, please provide a photograph for your child to share. The item doesn't have to be very old, just something of significance from a family member. Please send the artifact in on Monday, February 12th, for your child to share, along with any background story or information.

Finally, we have our Sweetheart Breakfast on Wednesday, February 14th.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Immigration Update


We have begun our famous third grade immigration unit, my absolute favorite unit to teach! Children will explore their family backgrounds and discover how and why immigrants settled in America. I do most of the projects with the children in class, such as making their immigration dolls and researching a country from their family background. 

Our immigration simulation will be on Friday, March 9th.  3M is in charge of the citizenship station. We rely on parent volunteers to make the day successful. Please e-mail or send a note if you are able to help out that day. You will just need to ask the "immigrants" citizenship questions. It is easy and a blast!! The more, the merrier. I will give you more information on this day as it approaches.

Students are welcome to bring in photographs of ancestors to enrich the whole “immigration experience”.  The photos will be stapled to a bulletin board, so please send in photocopies. Please make sure your child knows:

1. who is in the photo
2. what country they came from

These photos can be sent in anytime.

We also are working on map skills  in preparation for our immigration unit. The students will have a quiz on the location and spelling of the continents and oceans next Thursday, February 8th. I sent home a study guide, and children can practice on a site from my Symbaloo page.

We will be having a review quiz in math this Friday, February 2, for facts studied so far: 2's, 3's, 4's 5's, squares and 10's. 

Lastly, progress reports go home this Friday, February 2nd. 

Enjoy the Super Bowl this weekend! 

Valentine's Day

          3M Valentine’s DayImage result for heart clipartImage result for heart clipart
This year we will be having a Sweetheart Breakfast with 3P in Mrs. Page's classroom.  The breakfast will be on February 14th at 9:15am.  Students will have the opportunity to plan and put on a “love” themed performance if they wish.  It can be a skit, song (original or cover), poem, cheer, etc…  The only requirement is that it has to do with love..  If your child wants to put on a performance, please make sure he/she lets me know as soon as possible so Mrs. Page and I can plan out the timing of our morning.
We would like all students to dress in pink, red or white-Valentine's theme. You are welcome to attend.
After the food and entertainment, we will return to our own classroom to exchange valentines with 3M only. THe children have a class list of students.
Kristen Mulcahy is organizing the event. She will be sending out a genius sign up.

*Please no food attached to Valentines*