Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Update Week of 10/9-10/13


I hope you all had an amazing extended weekend. I love listening to the children's stories about adventures and enjoying down time with their families.

Kristen Mulcahy is our room mom this year! Our first celebration will be on October 31st for Halloween. I love love to have amazing parties with my students and families! Kristen is trying to organize the event, and she will need a class e-mail to delete assignments, food, etc. I heard from 3 people so far for our class e-mail list.  Please let me know if I can share your e-mail ASAP to get our first party underway! Thank you.

We are starting  a couple new units: Native Americans in social studies and characters in reading. We will be publishing our first personal narrative stories in writing, and continue to work on syllabication rules in spelling.

Keep practicing those math facts at home.

I will be sending home a parent conference reminder form this week.

Have a great week!


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Update week of October 2-6


We are having a great learning week in 3M!

The students are working hard in math centers on rounding and elapsed time We started a new computer math program called i ready. I just added it to my Symbaloo page. The i ready program is designed for students to be working at their own instructional level. Feel free to explore at home.

User Name: first initial, last name with no space
Password: wolves

I have had some requests for a class e-mail. I am happy to put that together. Please let me know if I can share your e-mail for this purpose. I will continue to update you with classroom events and happenings through this blog as the main resource.

We are all looking forward to our field trip on Friday! I am excited to start our study of Native Americans with the children. Please have your child dress in warm layers that day and bring a bag lunch. We will be eating at the Great Bay Discovery Center. Chaperones, we will see you there at 9:30. Thank you a ton for volunteering!!

Have a great week.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Update week of 9/25-9/29


I hope everyone had a terrific "summer" weekend. I heard lots of stories about soccer and hockey games, time at the beach and fun in the sun.

We are well established into our routines and curriculum areas now. In science, we are studying weather and climate. The recent hurricane activity has certainly sparked curiosity and wonderment in the children. I have several websites posted on the Symabaloo for further research. We also are tracking temperature and cloud cover daily to notice patterns. We will do this three times throughout the school year: autumn, winter and spring. You can help at home by watching some weather forecasts with your child.

We are beginning to study the seven different type of syllables in spelling, learning what they are and how to divide words into syllables. During reading time at home, children can search for 2, 3, 4 and even 5 syllable words. We have been using the definition: A syllable is a word or a part of a word with one vowel pattern;  every syllable has a vowel pattern.

Please continue to practice math facts at home with your child. Your child should work to master addition and subtraction by the end of October.

The children are now using Biblionasium, an on line program where children can record books they  read, recommend books to classmates and learn about new books and authors. Your child can log in with their first name, space, then last initial. The password is their Google password at school. There is a parent piece to the program that I have never used before, but feel free to explore. Please let me know if you think it is valuable for others to use. Thanks.

A reminder that there is an early release this Wednesday, September 26.

Have a great week.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Open House


Open House is scheduled for this  Thursday, September 14, for grades 3-5 from 6:30-7:30. It is a time for you to learn about the third grade curriculum. I am so excited to see you all!

A reminder that children should be reading and practicing math facts each night. We worked on Front Row today in math. The children can also take the pretest and practice math facts using Front Row.

With Front Row your child will be able to practice math concepts at his or her own ability level. The program is designed to continually assess your child's mathematical skills and present questions to reinforce secure skills and provide practice with developing skills. Plus, the kiddos love shopping at The Little Piggy Store.

If you go to my Symbaloo page, have your child click on Front Row. Your child will log in using their first name and first letter of their last name. The class code is kac3cc

Have a great week!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Symbaloo Page

Greeting All,

Wow! We are off to a wonderful start in 3M! I am so impressed with the children's cooperation skills, kindness to one another and curiosity. They are settling into routines well.

The last couple of days the children received Chromebooks. They learned the proper use and care, and how to log on. Today we learned how to bookmark pages, and I introduced them to my Symbaloo page.

 Symbaloo is a webmix. It is one link that displays all my on-line resources that will used throughout the school year. It has XtraMath, IXL, Bibilionasium, links for specific units, and more! My favorite part about Symbaloo for third graders is that the links are in an easy to read symbol format. Here is the address: http://edu.symbaloo.com/mix/mrsmorrisonsclass

Just click on it and add it as a bookmark on your home computer.

We did a round of XtraMath today and learned about hurricanes. Many of the children are excited to continue learning at home! 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Greetings All,

Students in third grade should be reading at night approximately 20 minutes. In addition, the children need to practice math facts. With the new Common Core standards, addition and subtraction facts should be mastered by the end of second grade, and multiplication facts by the end of third grade.

 I set up each student with an XtraMath account. I sent home log in information on a separate sheet. Most students need a review of addition and subtraction during the first couple months of third grade before going on to multiplication. Math facts also can be practiced with flashcards, other computer games, paper and pencil and other creative ways.

Thanks for your cooperation in assisting your child at home with reading and studying math facts.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


If you are a parent from last year's class, feel free to unsubscribe to this blog. Wow, can you believe your child is a fourth grader?  I will miss them (and you)! Please stop by any time to say hello! 

For the new 3M parents, welcome!!!! 

3M's related arts schedule is as follows:

Yellow- Day 1 PE
Green- Day 2 ART
Orange- Day 3 LIBRARY
Red- Day 4 PE
Tan- Day 5 MUSIC

All our related art are scheduled at 10:45-11;30 daily. 

Recess and lunch are from 11:50-12:30 with the children having recess first from 11:50-12:10 and lunch from 12:10-12:30.

Mark the date. Open House for grades 3-5 will be on Thursday night, September 14, at 6:30. I can't wait to meet all of you.