Thursday, January 4, 2018

New Year's Update

Greetings All,

I hope everyone had a terrific holiday! It certainly has been some harsh New England weather.

The children we excited to see one another and get back to our school routines. We are finishing unit 3 in math. Unit 4 will focus on geometry and measurement.

Students have been switched over to multiplication in XtraMath. At this point, they are expected to know the 2's, 5's, and 10's times tables. We worked on the concept of square numbers this week, and the students received practice sheets for square products. With the snowstorm, I will postpone the quiz on the squares until Wednesday, January 10th. Next up is the 4's with a quiz on January 19th.

The children worked hard to complete their Native American projects this week. They worked in teams to create a fictional tribe that could survive in the Everglades. They made models, created slide shows, or wrote reports to show their learning. Finally, they took photographs and used brand new high tech microphones from the Maker Space to record their thoughts about how the tribe survives. We will upload the final products on SeeSaw for you to view. The excitement in the room was contagious as the children looked like live broadcasters with the microphones.

We will continue with our Words Their Way Spelling program next week. Words will go home Monday or Tuesday of next week, with a test on Wednesday, January 17th.

Try to stay safe and warm.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Update week of 12/18-12/22

Greetings Families,

I have a few reminders about the week:

Our holiday party will be at 1:00 on Thursday afternoon. All are invited to attend.

There will be a review quiz for 2's, 5's, and 10's on Thursday, as well as a Unit 3 test in math (with a focus on traditional addition and subtraction with regrouping).

Friday is an optional third grade Book Swap for the children. In addition, they can wear their pajamas to school.

Everyone have a wonderful holiday, and enjoy your third grader over the break.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Update week of 12/11-12/15


The children have so much energy this time of year with the excitement of the holidays, and then add some snow into the mix. I have learned over the years to stay busy in the classroom with regular routines and lots of projects to top it off.

We continue to work on Picturing in Writing during our writing time. The children finished a sunset poem, and now they will be working on a stormy night poem. The painting techniques are a lot of fun as the children learn how to show dramatic lightning streaks and wind blown rain.

The stormy night poems go well with our ongoing study of weather. Kevin Skurupa, from Channel 9, will be visiting the third grade on Monday morning. We have already studied hurricanes, data with temperature, the sun warming the earth, climates throughout the world, and the revolution of Earth and the seasons . Kevin Skurupa will introduce the water cycle, cloud types, and I am sure, answer lots of questions. Look for us on the news Monday night or Tuesday morning.

The children are now connected to their Spell City accounts. Your child can access his/her account  through my Symbaloo page. Here is the log in information:
User Name: lower case- first initial, last name, 27  ex. lmorrison27
Password: His/Her Google password
It is a great way to practice words, access the list for the week, learn the meaning of words, and take a practice spelling test. Please continue to support your child by doing word sorts at home, asking why words are placed in certain categories. I have the children print out their test results after we take them in class, but you can also access them through the Spell City program. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Word sorts this week will go home Monday (2 groups) and Tuesday (2 groups) with a test next Wednesday, December 20th.

Our classroom holiday party will take place on Thursday afternoon, December 21, at 1:00. Kristen Mulcahy is organizing the event. All our welcome! You know how much 3M loves a party with lots of guests.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Welcome Back


Welcome back! I hope you all had a terrific Thanksgiving!

We are excited in 3M as we start several new units. In math, we will be working on unit 3 with traditional addition and subtraction. I always find that subtraction gets tricky for many students, even when I taught fifth grade. We spend a lot of time using base 10 blocks to explain trading and regrouping.

We will continue to work on facts. This week there will be a quiz on 2's multiplication facts on Friday.

We also have started spelling with the Words Their Way program. This week is the first sort. There will be a quiz on Wednesday, December 6th on the words. Your child should have a copy of his/her word sort to practice at home. Children should spend lots of time explaining why they place their words into certain categories.

In writing, the children are working on the Picturing Writing program and poetry!

We will visit the book fair on Wednesday, November 29 at 12:45-1:15. You are welcome to join us!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Update week of 11/13-11/21


We are so busy these days in 3M.

Just a reminder that we will have our Writers' Cafe on Monday afternoon, November 20th at 1:15. Children will be sharing their personal narrative stories in small groups. Please attend with your questions and comments. I would like the children to dress for a tea occasion: maybe a dress shirt and pants for the boys, and a skirt, dress, or fancier shirt and pants for the girls.

We are beginning to work with paragraphs. You can help your child at home by viewing paragraphs in a book, trying to figure out why the sentences are grouped together in the same paragraph, identifying topic sentences, and even counting the paragraphs in a chapter book.

In addition, our Native American unit is well underway. We would appreciate donations of skeins of yarn for a weaving project.

After Thanksgiving break students will be working in spelling groups with the Words Their Way program. They have learned 4 of the 7 types of syllables, and 3 of the 5 ways to divide syllables. We will continue our syllable work later in the school year. I will inform you when quizzes are coming.

We have started memorizing multiplication tables. The children will have a quiz on Friday on the 10's. Each week I will send home a study guide and practice sheet.

Lastly, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all of you and your wonderful children!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Update week of 11/6- 11/8


It has been wonderful meeting with all of you to learn more about your third grader.

It is a short week for your child. We have an early release on Wednesday, followed by a teacher workshop day on Thursday, and a day off to honor our veteran's on Friday. Thank you to all that are serving or have served in our armed forces.

We will be having a Writer's Cafe on Monday,  November 20th at 1:15 to celebrate the children's first published book of the year. They choose their best personal narrative pieces to bring to a final draft and share with you. Children will be reading their stories aloud in small groups. We welcome your questions and comments. There will be a small celebration after with snicketdy snacks. All are welcome.

Also, there is a great free app you can download for your child to practice math facts, It is called DOOR 24 PLUS. It is free, and you can sign up using your child's i ready account.

Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Update Week of 10/9-10/13


I hope you all had an amazing extended weekend. I love listening to the children's stories about adventures and enjoying down time with their families.

Kristen Mulcahy is our room mom this year! Our first celebration will be on October 31st for Halloween. I love love to have amazing parties with my students and families! Kristen is trying to organize the event, and she will need a class e-mail to delete assignments, food, etc. I heard from 3 people so far for our class e-mail list.  Please let me know if I can share your e-mail ASAP to get our first party underway! Thank you.

We are starting  a couple new units: Native Americans in social studies and characters in reading. We will be publishing our first personal narrative stories in writing, and continue to work on syllabication rules in spelling.

Keep practicing those math facts at home.

I will be sending home a parent conference reminder form this week.

Have a great week!